How to Deploy Your App to Netlify

How to Deploy Your App to Netlify

1. Push Your Code to Any Version Control Applications

The first thing you need to do is push your git repository to any version control application. You can use any one of these;

  • Github
  • Gitlab
  • Bitbucket

2. Register to Netlify

Once you have a repository inside any given application just signup to Netlify and connect them.


3. Creating New Site

Now, you should be on the team page where you can see your applications which right now you do not have but don't worry we'll add them right now.

In there you can either click "New site from Git" button or you can visit

You will see this screen

new site

You should click the button which you are storing your repository right now. In my case it is Github.

4. Connecting Accounts

After that, you should see a connection screen where you will connect your Github account with Netlify.

Or if you are connected you will see a text that says "Authorized" which indicates that you already connect your account with Github**

5. Choose a project

Now select the project(repository) you want and continue

Choose Project

6. Choosing Site Settings

Now you can choose the owner of this application and choose which branch to deploy. Netlify will listen to that branch and if any changes published it will rebuild your application and run the tests for you.

Site Settings

You can also choose the build command that is needed to run to generate the build folder. This folder name can be different from framework to framework. So make sure to run on your local first to see the folder name.

And once everything is ok deploy your site.

Site Settings-2

7. Congratulations

Congratz! You deployed your first application to Netlify.