3 Toast Libraries You Can Use in your React Projects

what is toast

A toast is a non-modal dialog that appears and disappears in the span of a few seconds. ... Typically, toast messages display one or two-line non-critical messages that do not require user interaction.

1. react-toastify

react-toastify one of the most useful toast libraries out there. It has tons of cool features like;

  • Swipe to close
  • Display a React element inside the toast
  • Can remove a toast programmatically
  • much more..

2. react-hot-toast

react-hot-toast is small, accessible and easily customizable toast library which has;

  • Promise API
  • Headless Hooks
  • Lighweight (less than 5kb - including the styles)

3. react-toast-notifications

react-toast-notifications is also cool library to get work with but unfortunately it is no longer maintained.