4 Tips to work on your side project while working full-time

4 Tips to work on your side project while working full-time

1. Create Time Boundaries

I can not stress enough how import it is to create time boundaries between your work hours and your personal time.

I made some strict rules about work hours for the company I worked on and stick to that plan to free up my personal time.

I saw the differences very shortly afterwards.

2. Set Small Goals

Set small goals every day/week. Divide that goals into parts where they will not look so big and try to achieve them.

Try to reward yourself once you achieve your goal. This will keep you motivated and happy.

3. Keeping it Consistent

Progress is progress even if it 10 minutes, 30 minutes. So no mather how small your contibution it will still be counted.

So try to understand what is best for you and how much can you spend in that week. Even it is a small amount do not see it as not worth it.

Small but consistent efforts are definitely going to pay out for you. It may take some time, but you will definitely see the results.

4. Don't be a perfectionist

Being a perfectionist will cause you to spend more time, think more time and stress more time on small things. Always remember, you will have enough time to improve it later than making it perfect now!

Believe me I've been there, I've been done that.

It is hard to focus on side projects especially if you have a full time job. But once you start to free up some of your time, you will see the differences.