Who is Furkan Ozbek?

Who is Furkan Ozbek?

Furkan is a software engineer whose primary purpose is to create the best optimal experience for users and keep the application or project as performant as possible.

He loves working with a good team and loves to improve himself on web development.

He especially likes working on front-end development because seeing what you have built always satisfies him.

His most important experience would be building a complex transaction modal for blockchain. The challenge he experiences was he did not have enough experience in web3 and blockchain in general on the frontend. Because of this first, he thought he needed a plan for this.

So here how he manage to do it;

1 - Define what the problems are

In here, he first right down the issues he had, define which libraries he needs to be taking a look at, and even which state management library that he will gonna use (Redux, Context API, Mobx, etc.)

2 - Create the Modal UI

Then he thought it would be good practice to create the general UI for it

3 - Prepare the Data From Store

Here he will just define what will be the type of data stored in the context.

4 - Test it with Dummy Data

Here he will connect the test data with the UI he created

5 - Connect it with the transaction

Because feature needs to be worked on the transactions. Here he just chooses one transaction to let's say createUser, he will show the modal and show how much gas it costs, etc.

6 - Finally with real data

In the final step, he tested with real Graphql queries and mutations and he saw that everything is working correctly

Like this, he experienced a lot of different problems like this but he managed to fix the issues step by step

Furkan quotes:

Planning a job is like finishing half the job.

Right now he tries to share what he learned with platforms like Twitter, Linkedin, Dev.to, and hashcode.